Fire Program

Firefighter Intraregional Recruitment and Employment

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has been proud to serve as the coordinator for the Firefighter Intraregional Recruitment and Employment program on behalf of our member districts/departments for 30 years.  The program is going through a transition that will allow member departments to enhance the program and capture exciting new opportunities by taking direct ownership: DRCOG will no longer be acting as administrator. If you took the FIRE test in November of 2015 or April of 2016, you will still remain in the eligibility pool for the year following your test. You will retain the ability to access your application and update your information, and member departments will still use that applicant pool to screen candidates for job vacancies. 

The deadline to apply to take the next test is Thursday, March 9: again, DRCOG is not acting as the test administrator. For more information, and to apply to take the test, click here

DRCOG is no longer acting as adminstrator of the FIRE program, although it will maintain files through April 2017 for those who took the test in spring of 2016. 

For more information on the next test, click here.