GIS & Maps

The DRCOG Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team prepares spatial data in support of regional planning, modeling and other efforts. Much of our data can be accessed through the Regional Data Catalog

The GIS team facilitates data discussions through the Denver Regional Data Consortium (DRDC). This open, voluntary committee is made up of GIS professionals from DRCOG's member governments and regional partners interested in collaborative data initiatives. The DRDC meets two to three times a year and issues a quarterly newsletter to encourage the exchange of data, information, and ideas.

The Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP) is also managed by the DRCOG GIS team. The goal is to acquire high-resolution imagery of the Denver region every two years on behalf of participating members and partners. Learn more about upcoming projects and how to get involved by contacting the DRAPP project manager at 303-480-6746.