Corridor Data, Maps and Studies

Within the DRCOG region, the majority of longer-distance trips are made on the regional corridor system. This system includes rapid transit lines, freeways, and major regional arterials. Corridor studies are underway to identify the mix of transportation improvements that would be most effective in moving people and goods in specific travel corridors. As part of the studies, transportation improvements are balanced with available funding, and neighborhood and community concerns. 

Denver Regional Multimodal Corridor Visions

Appendix 1 - Denver Region Multimodal Corridor Visions provides detailed maps and corridor vision plan sheets describing the growth, development, and transportation visions for 35 key multimodal corridors of the region.

Inventory of Potential Historic Parcels in Key Transportation Corridors

Mapping Inventory of Potential Historic Parcels in the Denver Region provides detailed maps and tables identifying land parcels with buildings that have been, or could be potentially, designated as historic in key transportation corridors in the DRCOG region.