Regional Planning

DRCOG collaborates with member governments, partner agencies, regional stakeholders, and the public to create a shared vision for the future. The Metro Vision plan guides our work and establishes a shared aspirational vision with our many partners. 

Metro Vision outlines a variety of regional planning initiatives that DRCOG pursues to achieve regionwide aspirations. The plan also establishes regional performance measures and targets used to track progress toward desired outcomes.

The DRCOG Board recognizes that achieving the region’s shared outcomes requires the coordinated efforts of local, state and federal governments; the business community; and other planning partners, including philanthropic and not-for-profit organizations. Metro Vision provides the framework for coordinated regionwide efforts; in some instances, DRCOG leads these efforts, in other cases we may serve as convener or partner.

DRCOG produces a wide array of data, information, maps and models in support of local and regional planning efforts. These products address topics like transportation, land use, demographics and employment.  Publicly-available datasets and maps can be found on our Regional Data Catalog.

DRCOG Vision Statement

Our region is a diverse network of vibrant, connected, lifelong communities with a broad spectrum of housing, transportation and employment, complemented by world-class natural and built environments.

As a nonprofit, voluntary association of local governments in the Denver region that fosters regional collaboration and cooperation, DRCOG is enabled “to make and adopt a regional plan for the physical development of the territory within the boundaries of the region” (Colorado Revised Statutes 30-28-106).