2050 RTP Call for Amendments

The Denver Regional Council of Governments is soliciting project-based amendments to the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan (2050 RTP). Proposed 2050 RTP amendments must be received by January 14, 2022.
For the 2050 RTP, all proposed project-based amendments – particularly to include a new project(s) – must meet federal fiscal constraint requirements, meaning the project sponsor must demonstrate sufficient funding to implement the proposed project. Additionally, the amended 2050 RTP also must meet federal air quality conformity requirements and new state greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements.
Proposed amendments may be submitted by email (preferred) or by mail. Staff will reply via email noting the receipt of proposed amendments. As part of the amendment submittal, please provide the information outlined in the 2050 RTP Amendment Application Form
We strongly encourage you to contact DRCOG staff as soon as possible to discuss potential amendments before you submit. We can assist you in preparing your request or clarify important information that is needed to evaluate a proposed amendment. 
Please, submit proposed 2050 RTP amendments to: 
  • Mail: Denver Regional Council of Governments Attn: Jacob Riger, 1001 17th St., Ste. 700, Denver, CO 80202