Community-Based Transportation Plan: Edgewater

A blue sign with the name of the city, Edgewater.

Community-based Transportation Plan: Edgewater area elementary schools

DRCOG is working with the City of Edgewater and Edgewater community stakeholders to develop a transportation plan focusing on Edgewater and Lumberg Elementary schools. The goal of this planning effort is to identify infrastructure and programmatic solutions that would make travel to the schools safer and easier for students and their families. The plan also seeks to address neighborhood traffic and road safety concerns for neighborhoods surrounding the two elementary schools. This planning effort is part of DRCOG’s Community-based Transportation Planning Pilot Program.


  • 2022 – The City of Edgewater nominated the neighborhoods surrounding Edgewater and Lumberg Elementary schools for consideration for the project.
  • January 2023 – This project was selected for the DRCOG Community-based Transportation Planning Pilot Program.
  • April - August 2023 – Engagement with families of students who attend the schools and community members.
  • Summer and fall 2023 – Plan development period.
  • Winter 2023-2024 – Draft plan available for review.

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