Shared Micromobility

The Denver Regional Council of Governments’ regional transportation planning process is inherently multimodal in scope and cross-jurisdictional in practice. Following the quick launch of dockless bikeshare in the region, it became clear that regional collaboration was essential to a coordinated response and approach to shared micromobility. Over the past few years, with the addition of electric scooters and electric bikes to shared micromobility fleets, state lawmakers and local policymakers have been working to create a regulatory environment that both enhances safety and mobility while simultaneously upholding civic goals.

DRCOG staff supports local, regional, state and federal agency conversations and fosters collaboration with partner agencies on shared micromobility through a regional Micromobility Work Group, which meets quarterly. In December 2020, the regional Micromobility Work Group developed a document detailing Shared Micromobility in the Denver Region, including considerations for local agency implementation and regional consistency. This document can be downloaded below.