Shared Micromobility

The launch of dockless bikeshare in the region made it apparent regional collaboration was essential to a coordinated response and approach to shared micromobility. With the addition of electric scooters and electric bikes to shared micromobility fleets, local agencies since 2018 have been working to create a regulatory environment to enhance safety and mobility while simultaneously supporting civic goals.

DRCOG staff supports local, regional, state and federal agency conversations and fosters collaboration with partner agencies on shared micromobility through a regional Micromobility Work Group, which meets quarterly. The regional Micromobility Work Group in December 2020 developed a document detailing Shared Micromobility in the Denver Region, including considerations for local agency implementation and regional consistency. 

DRCOG and public agencies in the region established a Shared Micromobility Data Collaborative to facilitate the exchange of shared micromobility data and analytics in the Denver region. As part of this project, DRCOG recently launched a regional data portal to summarize shared micromobility trips and usage in the region. The portal also links to other local open data portals, which provide additional details about usage in each city with a shared micromobility program. Check out Ride Report to learn more about the regional effort.
DRCOG works with partners to inventory the Denver region's shared micromobility programs and to keep the list updated. DRCOG staff used the inventory to develop an ArcGIS StoryMap, an interactive web map descibing and displaying shared micromobility programs throughout the region. The interactive-product describes the progress of shared micromobility in the state, along with information about the different shared micromobility programs operating today. Check out the Shared Micromobility in Colorado StoryMap.