Implementing Metro Vision

Local governments in the Denver region developed the Metro Vision plan, working collaboratively through DRCOG. The plan doesn’t replace the vision of any individual community, rather, it is a framework for addressing common issues. Metro Vision anticipates that individual communities will contribute to shared outcomes and objectives through different pathways and at different speeds for collective impact.

Metro Vision outlines broad outcomes, objectives and initiatives established by the DRCOG Board to make life better for the region’s residents. The degree to which the outcomes, objectives and initiatives identified in Metro Vision apply in individual communities will vary. 
Metro Vision also establishes regional performance measures and targets used to track progress toward desired outcomes over time. Using regular tracking, DRCOG and its partners can verify whether our collective actions to implement the plan are moving the region toward its desired outcomes. In addition to the core performance measures, DRCOG will continue to research and share data and information that may illustrate progress toward shared outcomes. 


Boomer Bond

The Denver region is experiencing unprecedented growth in the region’s aging population. DRCOG’s Boomer Bond initiative is helping local governments around the region create age-friendly physical and social environments allowing older adults to remain in their homes and communities for as long as they desire. AARP Colorado has provided support for the design, development and implementation of the Boomer Bond initiative.