Webinar - Transit-Oriented Data: Resources for the metro Denver area

Event Details

United States

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

  • Idea Exchange
  • This webinar will delve into data resources for planners and researchers who want to understand transit-oriented development in the Denver region. Learn about the types of buildings, businesses, residents and employees these transit-oriented areas are attracting, how that affects travel on these corridors and more. Presentations will feature key findings and high-level implications of qualitative survey results and quantitative assessments from staff at the Denver Regional Council of Governments and the Regional Transportation District.

    Spotlighted Resources:

    Perspectives on Transit in the Denver Region

    In 2016, DRCOG surveyed the region’s residents, employees and businesses to learn how experiences with and preferences toward high-frequency transit had changed since 2009. 

    Quality of Life Study

    This study focuses on the quality of life in areas affected by transit improvements, especially FasTracks: mobility, environment, economic activity, development and land use.

    Trip and Parking Generation at Transit-Oriented Developments

    The goal of this study is to better inform decisions about the allocation of land near transit stations by assessing how many vehicle trips and how much parking are generated at transit-oriented developments.