Keep it Local: Building Community (Wealth)

Event Details

1290 Broadway
Independence Pass Conference Room, First Floor
Denver, CO 80203
United States

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

  • Idea Exchange
  • The Denver area's rapid growth has made ensuring that all residents of the Denver region have access to employment opportunities, attainable housing, community services, businesses and natural resources increasingly difficult. Ensuring equitable access to opportunity is challenging for local governments, especially those with diminishing budgets and higher demands on staff. But such challenges are not faced by local governments alone. Hundreds of organizations including nonprofit agencies, cooperatives and developers also confront similar challenges, frequently employing innovative organizational structures, viewpoints and strategies for solutions.

    Join us to learn about initiatives and protocols that support community-driven sustainability and wealth generation in the Denver region. Hear about the intersection between the work of local organizations and the ways local governments support them. Participants will have conversations about local and regional initiatives carried out by nonprofits and community-based organizations. They will tease out methods to build coalitions and support the work of such groups, especially when their interests align with those of public agencies.

    Spotlighted Resources:

    Community Land Trust Network Tools 

    The National Community Land Trust Network hosts resources related to starting and strengthening community land trusts, organizations that develop and steward land assets on behalf of a community.  

    Cities Building Community Wealth

    A Democracy Collaborative publication that provides nationwide case studies for fostering equitable economic development and building community wealth.

    Investing in What Works for America’s Communities

    A project of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Low Income Investment Fund, this collection of essays aims to reduce poverty and expand opportunity.