DRCOG/CDOT Joint Notice of Funding Availability

The Colorado Department of Transportation Division of Transit and Rail and the Denver Regional Council of Governments are pleased to announce a joint notice of funding availability for 2020 transit capital, operating and mobility management projects in the greater Denver region.

Click here to read the NOFA application guidance document, which provides important information such as applicant eligibility, project eligibility, deadline, available funding amounts, and guidance for completing an application. 
For current CDOT sub-recipients, CDOT will release one application of each application type in COTRAMS (CDOT online award management system): 1) Revenue Service Vehicle application, 2) Other Capital application, 3) Operating application, and 4) Mobility Management application. If you have questions regarding vehicle or other capital applications, or need more vehicle or other capital applications to be released, please contact Jane Hickey at 303-757-9237 or jane.hickey@state.co.us. If you have questions regarding operating or mobility management applications, or need more operating or mobility management applications to be released, please reach out to Kim Phi at (303) 512-4055 or kim.phi@state.co.us.
Organizations that are not currently CDOT sub-recipients, please contact Audrey Dakan at (303) 757-9771 or audrey.dakan@state.co.us as soon as possible to receive a New Applicant Questionnaire.
Other general questions regarding the NOFA can be directed to DRCOG's Matthew Helfant at 303-480-6731 or mhelfant@drcog.org, or CDOT's Qing Lin at 303-757-9973 or qing.lin@state.co.us.
CDOT and DRCOG are hosting a workshop May 15.

Applications are due to CDOT through COTRAMS by 5 p.m. Monday, June 10. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.