DRCOG renames refugee program Older Adult Refugees and Friends program

DRCOG Area Agency on Aging has recently changed the name of one of its programs that was created to assist older adult refugees and immigrants acclimate to their new home.

What was formerly known as the Elder Refugee program is now known as the Older Adult Refugees and Friends program. DRCOG staff recently changed the program’s name to better reflect participants’ identities and the program’s approach to fostering health, lifelong learning and social engagement among older adults from refugee and immigrant communities. 

The program works in partnership with the Aurora Center for Active Adults to help older adult refugees and immigrants learn about their new country and culture. Older adults in refugee and immigrant communities from across the globe participate in activities that reduce social isolation and increase integration and connection in the community and promote health and wellness. Participants and their families receive information about services for older adults, as well as help enhance the skills of service providers who work with refugees. The program is funded through the federal Older Americans Act and a state grant from the Colorado Refugee Services program.

The Area Agency on Aging is the Denver area’s designated organization which provides comprehensive services, support and advocacy to address the needs of the region's population of older adults and people living with disabilities. Visit the Older Adult Refugees and Friends program website to learn more about the program.