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DRAPP 2014 Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) RFB/Q/P FAQ

Posted on 09/10/2013
Can a company submit a proposal for just the LIDAR DRAPP 2014 LIDAR RFB and not the DRAPP Imagery Bid?
Posted on 09/13/2013
1. Can we get a shapefile of the lidar project area? 2. Can we get a sample of and/or metadata for the existing CWCB lidar data? 3. Are surveyed ground points in the various land cover classes required for the FVA, CVA, and SVA determination and if so, will this be the responsibility of the contractor or the QC vendor? 4. Can the proposal due date be extended to October 4, considering that the aerial photo and lidar proposals are both currently due on the same date?
1. Proposed extents of both the imagery and LiDAR projects are available in shapefile format in the Selected Downloads section of the DRAPP web page. 2. The metadata is available in the Solicitations for Bid page in the LiDAR section: http://www.drcog.org/bids/bids.cfm 3. The QC vendor will use its own reference data to perform that function. They may utilize any control points the contractor has collected for this project. However, only bare-earth-level points will be used. The LiDAR Contractor would need to indicate if any ground control points are used to improve positional accuracy and indicate their rough spacing. If ground control points are used, then they become a deliverable for the purposes of QC. 4. The due dates cannot be extended. Best of luck.

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