Membership Directory

DRCOG's Membership Directory provides contact information for the elected officials and principal staff members of each of DRCOG's participating local governments.
The information you see below on this page is updated in real time as DRCOG receives it from its members.
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Contact Directory

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Full Name Organization Job Title Phone Number
Debbie Brinkman Littleton Mayor 720-224-1314
Jerry Valdes Littleton Mayor Pro Tem 303-794-6475
Patrick Driscoll Littleton Council Member 303-795-3753
Karina Elrod Littleton Council Member 303 362-3364
Carol Fey Littleton Council Member 303 795-9350
Peggy Cole Littleton At-Large 303-795-9552
Jocelyn Mills Littleton Community Development Director 303-795-3820
Kyle Schlachter Littleton At-Large 720 773-0401
Mark Relph Littleton City Manager 303-795-3720
Wendy Heffner Littleton City Clerk 303-795-3780
Fred Bromberger Littleton Utilities Engineer 303-795-3830