2018 Awards Nominations

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Help us recognize regional accomplishments and collaboration

Nominate a person, project, program or plan that deserves recognition for improving  quality of life in the region. The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) welcomes nominations for the John V. Christensen and Metro Vision awards. 

Metro Vision Awards

This year’s Metro Vision Awards will recognize projects and programs that help further our shared aspirational vision of the future of the metro area. We welcome nominations of projects, programs and plans that foster local innovation around transportation and personal mobility, growth and development, community resiliency, promoting access to opportunity and aging and disability resources. 

The judging panel will evaluate projects through the lens of Metro Vision, which includes:

1.    Improving the diversity and livability of communities
2.    Creating vibrant, connected urban centers and multimodal corridors
3.    Improving and expanding the region’s multimodal transportation system, services and connections
4.    Operating, managing and maintaining a safe and reliable transportation system
5.    Improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
6.    Improving the efficient use and quality of the region’s waters
7.    Connecting people to a variety of natural resource and recreational amenities
8.    Reducing the risk of hazards and improving disaster response and recovery
9.    Increasing access to opportunities for residents to lead healthy and active lifestyles
10.  Promoting housing options that meet the needs of residents as they move through various stages in their lives
11.   Reducing disparities in neighborhoods and communities
12.   Investing in infrastructure that contributes to sustained regional prosperity

Nominations are due Wednesday Jan. 31, 2018 by 5 p.m. 

Nominations can be saved prior to final submittal in order to revise narrative and make adjustments; however, text must be entered in all required fields prior to saving.