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DRCOG is the regional planning commission for the Denver metro region and Metro Vision is the foundation of all of the regional council's long-range planning activities. Metro Vision is the region's plan to guide growth, transportation and environmental quality into the future and supports an ongoing conversation about how best to protect the region's quality of life.

The original 1992 Metro Vision Guiding Vision established the purpose for the Metro Vision regional plan. The DRCOG Board has continued the dialogue about how best to achieve the vision ever since. The hallmark of the Metro Vision planning process has been its open, collaborative and flexible nature.

Six core principles have guided this dialogue since its inception: Metro Vision protects and enhances the region's quality of life; is aspirational and long-range in focus; offers direction for local implementation; respects local plans; encourages communities to work together; and is dynamic and flexible.

In 2000, many member governments signed the Mile High Compact, a voluntary agreement among Denver metro area cities and counties to manage growth throughout the region by adhering to the principles outlined in Metro Vision.

Additional information on the history of Metro Vision.

Plan Amendments

DRCOG amends Metro Vision and its related regional plans twice a year and conducts a major update every four years. To find out what changes have been adopted or how to propose plan amendments visit: Plan Amendments

Get Involved

Share your thoughts regarding Metro Vision 2040 and the Denver metro region and its challenges and goals for the future. Go to drcog.mindmixer.com to give us your feedback and see what the community is saying.

For additional information about Metro Vision and DRCOG's regional planning activities, contact Teri Whitmore at twhitmore@drcog.org or 303-480-6763.

Section Highlights

View a presentation on the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing Metro Vision.

Check out the latest OUR Shared Vision newsletter for MV 2040 updates, highlights and events.

The Metro Vision 2040 update is underway!

Selected Downloads

Original Metro Vision Guiding Vision (1992)

Metro Vision Short Course

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